The following are a few of the outcomes that the Steinfirst Artist-in-Residency had on the Meg Medina Writers. Please see the other pages under “2018 Residency” for descriptions and evidence of additional outcomes.

Relationship building:
Meg and the residency students developed an affectionate bond. Students frequently told Liz that they miss Meg and asked when she’s coming back. One student said that they missed her at least six times in the three weeks following the residency. Meg is enthusiastic about Skyping with them next year to catch up and continue their relationship. Meg also touched the hearts of Liz, Melissa, the faculty she met, and the other students. Some of the students who came into the library to check out books saw Meg and excitedly whispered to their friends, “Look!! It’s Meg Medina!!” Some talked with Meg, too. The school was so impressed with her that they are looking into ways to pay for her to come back next year.

Individual student outcomes:
There was a student who, two days into the residency, emailed Liz a slideshow presentation that they wanted to create as a thank you to Meg for coming and making them feel excited about writing. The student invited Liz to add to it. They ultimately decided against completing it, but their gratitude likely remained just as strong.

A shy student was the first to volunteer to read from their zine during the family celebration. Since the residency, the student called across a classroom to get Liz’s attention and ran to Melissa in the hallway to give her a hug, so the residency may have helped them become more confident.

One of the students has trouble staying on task and following expectations in group settings, and the residency was no exception. Even so, they had thoughtful things to say during their editorial meeting with Meg and put serious effort into their family poem. As diverse as their learning styles are, the individual attention and opportunity to write pieces of personal significance to the students allowed all the students to come away with much more than before.