Carrboro Elementary School

Carrboro Elementary School began as a community based school and continues as a strong community based school. Carrboro teachers work to educate the whole child through a variety of academic and social programs, challenging each child at their instructional level. Its Dual Language program is an English­-Spanish immersion program with the goal of bilingualism, biliteracy, and multi­culturalism by the time students exit elementary school. At least two classes per grade level are Dual Language classes. Educators grow their students’ critical thinking through Socratic Seminars, where students are encouraged to take a close look at current and historical events and documents. The school houses a wonderful Makerspace where students can engage in tinkering, problem solving, collaboration, and the engineering design process in conjunction with project-based learning. Carrboro also has one of the only auditoriums in the district, providing a space for an amazing theatre program for 4th and 5th grade students. Carrboro Elementary encourages parents to be active participants in the educational process and is lucky to have a strong partnership with its Carrboro parents, who lead many community events involving the school.

Carrboro Elementary’s school library strives to reflect its diverse community, as well as the school’s Dual Language program, with Spanish language and bilingual books making up a quarter of the collection. Librarian Liz Porter works collaboratively with the fantastic Carrboro educators to foster a lifelong love of learning and reading in her students, encourage their creativity and inquiry, and help them to navigate this information-rich time. Ms. Porter is committed to providing and sharing diverse and multicultural literature, advancing critical thinking, and engaging students in 21st century learning skills. She hosts a Battle of the Books program for 4th and 5th grade students, allowing them to explore a variety of literary styles and encouraging them to read and discuss quality diverse literature. The library is truly a multi-functional space! From lessons and checkout to student groups, family events, and club meetings; it hosts its school community in many ways throughout the year. In their library, Carrboro Elementary hopes to build a welcoming, student-centered, and enriching environment for all.

For more information about Carrboro Elementary, visit their website. To follow the work Porter is doing with students in the library, follow her on Twitter @CESLibMedia.